Christmas This Year Lyrics & Chords

By TobyMac

Verse 1 (G)As fall rides off in the sunset I sweep the snow from my doorstep I (C)just can't help but stop and grin It's like I'm ten years old again (Am)And everywhere I go I can feel it (C)Some say it moves like a spirit (G)It falls on us once a year Like it came on a midnight clear Pre-Chorus (Em)It's all love, (C)The season is a (G)gift When love came (D)down to let us live (Em)Let's open (C)up and let our (G)hearts embrace this moment Chorus For (G)Christmas this year Gonna make a sound Gonna make it loud For (C)Christmas this year We're gonna make some noise Let the world rejoice For (Am)Christmas this year For (C)Christmas For Christmas this (G)year The laughter starts before the sunrise Verse 2 (G)I sneak downstairs to sparklin' lights And (C)oh what joy it brings to me Our family around our Christmas tree (Am)And I thank the Lord for His favor (C)As we sing the songs of the Savior (G)Our Savior Bridge (Em)Holy Holy (D)holy (Em)God is coming (D)near (Em)Unto us a (D)Saviors born (C)On a midnight (G)clear (Em)Holy Holy (D)holy (Em)God is coming (D)near (Em)Unto us a savior (D)born On a midnight (G)clear

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