Christmas Is Coming Lyrics & Chords

By Jason Gray

Chorus (C)Christmas is (G)coming, (D)the bells are (Em)ringing (D) (G)Hope comes alive as (D)music fills the air Verse 1 Some say (C)Christmas is for (G)children and I (D)believe it’s (Em)true Can you (C)hear the season (G)calling to the (D)child inside of you? A(C)waken from your (G)slumber come (D)see with younger (Em)eyes And be (C)taken by the (G)wonder that took the (D)whole world by surprise! Chorus (C)Christmas is (G)coming, (C)the bells (G)are ringing (C)Hope comes a(G)live as (D)music fills the air (C)I hear (G)the drumming, (C)it won't (G)be long now (C)Christmas (G)is coming, (D)will you be (Em)there? (C)Christmas is (G)coming, (D)will you be (G)there? Verse 2 They're dressing up the city in a brightly lighted gown There’s singing in the streets whenever Christmas comes to town So let the spirit find you wherever you have been And bring you to the child who makes us children again Bridge Pre(Am)pare ye the (G)way For (C)God's own baby (D)boy Born to (Am)mend all broken (Em)things And to (G)heal the world with (G)(C)joy He will (G)heal the world with (C)joy! Verse 3 I don't want you to miss it, I know I have before Like the innkeeper who missed the wonder right outside his door So open up your heart as Christmas passes through Just in time to wake the child asleep inside of you

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