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(G)Some talk about virtue (D)Some preach about (Em)vice Some say the road to heaven is (C)paved with thin (Em)ice Some people keep sinning (D)They don't think about it (Em)twice Still some have been born again and (C)bound for para(Am)dise So many are called (C)So few want to (G)come (Am) Backs up against the wall and ((D)still choose to run Chorus 1 But I'm (G)proud that I'm a (D)Christian I'll say it (C)loud that I'm a (D)Christian There ain't no (G)doubt that I'm a (D)Christian I am so (C)proud of it Lord, I'm so (D)proud of (G)it You can read it in the paper Or watch the evening news Surveys say the planet's got those spiritual blues Some people you meet Think their soul is in their shoes Care not to be complete Their minds content to be confused No hope in their heart No love in their eyes They reject His promises and waste their lives Chorus 1 But I'm proud that I'm a Christian I'll say it loud that I'm a Christian There ain't no doubt that I'm a Christian I am so proud of it Lord, I'm so proud of it Some talk about religion Some preach about sin Some assume denominations are the way to get in Don't think your brother has to have the same skin Just believe that Jesus came to save all men Say it once again Chorus 2 And be proud to be a Christian Say it loud to be a Christian Have no doubt and be a Christian Say it loud I'm saved and I'm proud

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