Christ In Me Lyrics & Chords

By Jeremy Camp

(G)In this obsession with (D)The things this world says make us (Em)happy (C) (G)Can't see the slaves we are (D)In all the searching, all the (Em)grasping (C) (G)Like we deserve much more (D)Than all these blessings we're (Em)holding (C) (G)So now I'm running free (D)Into an ocean of (Em)mercy, (C)unending Chorus (G)So come and empty me (D)So that it's You I breathe (Em)I want my life to be (C)Only Christ in me (G)So I will fix my eyes (D)‘Cause You're my source of life (Em)I need the world to see (C)That it's Christ in (G)me, yeah (D)That it's Christ in (Em)me, (C) yeah Done with what holds me down The things I once was chasing after Throw off these heavy chains That I have let become my master So now I'm running free Into an ocean of mercy, unending

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