Choose To Love Lyrics & Chords

By Francesca Battistelli

Verse 1 (G)I locked up my heart and I put on a (Em)show I let the (G)busyness of life be a wall so nobody gets (Em)close Well I got a lot (G)done, yeah, I’m so type (Em)A But I’m (G)finding arm’s length is a safe but lonely (Em)place Chorus (Em)So I’m gonna choose to (C)reach out Choose to (G)lay down All of the (D)fear that I’ve been (Em)hiding Choose to (C)be brave Though my (G)heart’s afraid To be a (D)part of Your Kingdom (Em)rising, oh (C)God, I’m done (G)running from (D)The reason that You (Em)sent Your Son So (C)I will (D)choose to (G)love oh, oh, (Em)oh Verse 2 Well it’s always a risk and it’s always a dare But it’s a far more dangerous thing to listen to fear But it’s a beautiful thing to know and be known Yeah, there’s a whole lot of life outside of my comfort zone Bridge (Em)I’ll choose to (G)trust Oh God, (Em)let my heart be (D)tender in a (Am)world (Bm)so (C)tough (D)I’m gonna choose to (G)love

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