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Children Again Lyrics & Chords

By Jason Gray

Verse 1 (C)We found one in a (F)closet (G)one in a drawer There's (C)no hiding (F)place we won't (G)find anymore We'd (C)shake every present for any small clue Of what lies be(F)neath the words (G)“from me to you” Verse 2 But for every present left under a tree There are things that we hoped for and never received The years and the yearning can make us forget To be filled with wonder instead of regret Pre Chorus But (F)Christmas is calling (C)again (Dm)Leading us to Bethle(G)hem Chorus Where a (C)child is waiting for you When (G)grown up dreams don't come true It sounds (Dm)crazy, but a (F)baby Can make us all (G)children again Verse 3 When you want to forgive but the wound is so deep And you ache for forgiveness for the secrets you keep When the flower of your heart only feels like a thorn And you long for the child that you were before Bridge A(Dm)fraid to be strangers We (Am)circle the manger And (F)kneel down beside it a(C)gain But He (G)wishes(G)wishes that we would crawl in Verse 4 God wrapped a gift that He hid in the world Deep in the womb of an innocent girl But when we were ready and on a dirt floor Love found a way in and left open the door

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