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Carry Me To The Cross Lyrics & Chords

By Kutless

Verse 1 (G)When the path is (C)daunting (G)And every step ex(C)hausting (G)I'm (D/F#)not (C)alone I'm (D/F#)not (Em)alone, (D)no, (C)no (G)I feel you draw me (C)closer (G)All these burdens on my (C)shoulder (G)I'm (D/F#)not (C)alone, I'm (D/F#) not (Em)alone You (D)pull me from this (C)place Chorus (G)Hal(Am)le(Em)lu(D)jah You carry me (C)every (G)day You carry me (D)all the way (G)Hal(Am)le(Em)lu(D)jah You carry me (C)to (G)the You carry me (D)to the (G)cross Verse 2 How your love has moved me, yeah To the foot of all your glory I'm not alone, I'm not alone I'm not alone Bridge All of these (Em)cities you have built And every (D/F#)cathedral you have filled To all of (G)creation you gave life with your (Am)hands And with those (C)hands you comfort me You lift me (D)up from my knees And (Em)carry me You (C)carry (D)me

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