Captivate Us Lyrics & Chords

By Watermark

Verse 1 (G)Your face is beauti(D)ful And Your eyes are (Em)like the stars Your (C)gentle hands have (G)healing There, inside the (D)scars (C) (G)Your loving arms, they (D)draw me near And Your (Em)smile, it brings me peace (C)Draw me closer, (G)oh, my Lord Draw me (C)closer, (D)Lord, to (G)Thee Chorus (C)Captivate us, Lord (D)Jesus And (Bm)set our eyes on (Em)You Deva(C)state us with Your (D)presence Falling (G)down And rushing (C)river, draw us (D)nearer And holy (Bm)fountain consume us with (Em)You And capti(C)vate us, Lord (D)Jesus, with You Verse 2 Your voice is powerful And Your words are radiant bright And in Your breath and shadow I will come close and abide You whisper love and life divine And Your fellowship is free Draw me closer, oh, my Lord Draw me closer, Lord, to Thee Bridge And let every(C)thing be lost in the (D)shadows Of the (Bb)light of (D)Your (G)face Let every (C)chain be broken from me As Im (Bb)bound (D)in Your (G)grace For Your (C)yoke is easy, Your (D)burden is light Youre (G)full of (D)wisdom, (Em)power and might (Bb)And every eye will see (G)You

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