I Just Can't Give Up Now Lyrics & Chords

By Curtis Burrell | Mary Mary

(C)There (Em)will be (Am)mountains that (Dm)I will have to (G)climb And (C)there (Em)will be (Am)battles that (Dm)I will have to (G)fight But (F)victory or (C)defeat, it's up to (Dm)me to (G)decide But (Dm)how can I (C)expect to win (Dm)If I never (G)try. Chorus (C)I (Dm)just (G)can't (F)give (G)up (C)now (F)I've come too (C)far from where I (Dm)started (G)from (C)Nobody (Em)told me the (F)road would be (C)easy (Em)And I (Am)don't believe he (Dm)brought me this far to (G)leave (C)me (C)Never (Em)said there wouldn't be (Am)trials never (Dm)said I wouldn't (G)fall Never (C)said that (Em)everything (Am)would go the (Dm)way I want it to (G)go But (F)when my (C)back is against the (D)wall and i feel all hope is (G)gone, I'll (Dm)just lift my (C)head up to the sky and say (Dm)help me to be (G)strong No you didn't bring me out here to leave me lonely Even when I can't see clearly I know that you are with me(so I can't)

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