Camel Train Lyrics & Chords

By Hansel P. Vibbert

(G)’Twas a day in early springtime, By an (C)ancient wayside well, (D)Eliezer paused to rest his camel (G)train. He had found a bride for Isaac Ere the (C)evening shadows fell, For his (D)weary journey had not been in (G)vain. Chorus (G)Oh, get ready! (C)Evening shadows fall. (D)Don’t you hear the Eliezer (G)call? There’s going to be a wedding, And our (C)joy will soon begin, In the (D)evening when the camel train comes (G)in. So he took the fair Rebekah, Dressed in jewels rich and rare, Quickly to her waiting bridegroom far away. Where Rebekah loved her Isaac, And he loved Rebekah fair; Oh, it must have been a happy wedding day. Now the blessed Holy Spirit, From our Father God above, Has come down to earth to find a worthy Bride. For our Isaac over yonder Has prepared His tents of love, And He wants His fair Rebekah by His side. We have left our kinfolk gladly; We have bade the world goodbye. We’ve been called to be His pure and spotless Bride; Where we’ll soon behold our Jesus In that blest eternity-- What a happy, happy wedding that will be!

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