By Your Side Lyrics & Chords

By Tenth Avenue North

(G)Why are you striving these days? Why are you (Em)trying to earn grace? Why are you (D)crying? Let me lift up your (C)face Just don't turn (G)away Verse 2 Why are you looking for love? Why are you still searching? As if I'm not enough? To where will you go child, Tell me where will you run? To where will you run? Chorus Cause I'll be (Em)by your side wherever you (C)fall In the (G)dead of night when(D)ever you call (Em)Please don't fight these (C)hands that are holding (G)you (D)My hands are holding (G)you Verse 3 Look at these hands, at my side They swallowed the grave, on that night When I drank the world's sin So I could carry you in And give you life Bridge And (D)I, I love (Em)You And I want (C)you to (D)know That (D)I, I'll love (Em)You I'll (C)never let You (D)go

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