By The Time They Find Me Missing Lyrics & Chords

By The Hinsons

(D)My old friends say I'm missing all the (G)good times Why I live for Jesus they can't under(A)stand. But by the (G)time they realize I'm truly (D)missing I'll be (A)missing tribulation and (G)living in glory(D)land. Chorus By the (G)time they find me (D)missing, I'll be (A)living over (D)there. Where there (G)is no remi(D)niscing of the (Em)sorrow we (G)have down (A)here. And by the (D)time they look around them and (G)discover that I'm (D)gone, I'll be (G)in that final (D)chorus singing (A)round the Master's (D)throne. I guess I'm missing an awful lot of earthly treasures, 'Cause I'm not famous and I'm not a millionaire. But I know for sure I'll not be missing heaven Where I'm known to all as rich and that beyond compare.

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