By And By, When The Morning Comes Lyrics & Chords

Written by Charles A. Tindley

(D)Trials dark on every hand and we (G)cannot understand
All the (D)ways that God would lead us to that (E)blessed Promised (A)Land.
But He'll (D)guide us with His eye, and we'll (G)follow till we (D)die.
We will understand it (A)better by and (D)by.

(D)By and by, (G)when the morning comes,
when (D)all the saints of (E)God are gathered (A)home,
We will (D)tell the story (G)how we've over(D)come.
We will understand it (A)better by and (D)by.

(D)Oft our cherished plans have failed, disap(G)pointments have prevailed,
And we've (D)wandered in the darkness, (E)heavy hearted and (A)alone.
But we're (D)trusting in the Lord, and (G)according to His (D)Word,
We will understand it (A)better by and (D)by.

(D)Temptations, hidden snares often (G)take us unawares,
And our (D)hearts are made to bleed for some (E)thoughtless word or (A)deed.
And we (D)wonder why the test when we (G)try to do our (D)best,
But we'll understand it (A)better by and (D)by.

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