But For The Blood Lyrics & Chords

(G)I had no one to blame, how I (C)longed to hide my face I was so (G)ashamed, for all the wrong I'd (D)done, and I (G)knew I had to pay, oh I was (C)bound to faces hells flames I'd be there to(G)day, oh my (D)friend but for the (G)blood Chorus (G)But for the blood, shed on calverys (C)tree but for the (G)blood, there'd be no hope for you and (D)me for all my (G)rightousness was filthy rags and thats (C)all I'd ever be but for the (G)blood that (D)cleansed and set me (G)free. Even now I get so low you know the devil he lets me know I'm so undeserving, I'm unworthy of God's love and oh yes I know its true but here I am with the chosen few I stand today, yes I'm saved but by the blood.

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