Busted Heart Lyrics & Chords

By For King & Country

Verse 1 (C)Winter has (C)come back (Am)again Feels like the (F)season won't (C)end My faith is (G)dying to(Am)night And I won't (F)try to pre(C)tend I've got it (G)all figured (Am)out I don't (F)have any (C)doubts I've got (G)a busted (Am)heart I need (F)You now (C) (G) (Am) Yeah, I need You (C)now (G) (Am) Chorus Hold (Am)on to (G)me, Hold (Am)on to (G)me Don't let (Am)me lose my (G)way (C) (F) Hold (Am)on to (G)me (C) Verse 2 I am the wandering son Your love is never enough I keep chasing the wind Instead of chasing Your love I'm screaming out Your name Don't let me fall on my face I've got a busted heart I'm in need of a change I'm desperate for grace Bridge Broke (F)Your heart a thousand (C)times (F)But You've never (C)left my side (F)You have always (Am)been here for (G)me (Am) (G) (C)You (F)never let me go, (Am) (G) (C)You never let me (Am)go (G) (Am)Don't (G)ever let me (C)go (C)Until it (G)comes to an (Am)end Soon this (F)season (C)will end I'll surren(G)der to(Am)night You meet me (F)right where I (C)am

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