Bury My Heart On The Mission Field Lyrics & Chords

By Tricia Crabtree

Verse 1 (C)A young girl weeps in a far distant (G)land She (C)has no one to show her God's (F)lo(G)ve. No (C)mother or father to (G)wipe away her tears She (F)cries out in the (G)night (C)alone. Chorus (C)Bury my heart on the (G)mission field, Lord I'll (F)go to dry that (G)young girl's (C)tears I'll serve you no matter where the (G)path may lead (F)Lord, please (G)bury my (C)heart Verse 2 A mother grieves for her starving child; She has no shelter from the cold Earthly provisions will ease their suffering But who will feed their empty souls? Chorus Bury my heart on the mission field, Lord I'll give the Gospel to the suffering ones I'll go wherever you want me to go Lord, please bury my heart Verse 3 Will you ignore these lost souls in the night? Can you hear their pleading cries? They're begging for someone to show them the way; We must go before another one dies. Chours Bury my heart on the mission field, Lord These distant voices won't fade away I'll do Your will whatever the cost Lord, please bury my heart I'll do Your will no matter the cost Lord, please bury my heart Lord, I give you my heart

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