Burning The Midnight Oil Lyrics

By Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton

Verse 1 (G)Here we sit looking at each (D)other Seems we're at a loss for what to (G)say Ties bind us both with someone (C)else We don't (G)want to hurt but (D)we must break (G)away Chorus And (D)tonight I'll sit home a (G)thinking And (D)tonight I'll sit home a (G)drinking We both live in separate homes where (C)there's no love at all Staying up (G)late burning (D)the midnight (G)oil Verse 2 (G)Tomorrow we'll meet here in the same (D)place Where love and desires that just won't (G)wait In each others arms we'll dream for a (C)little while Then when it's (G)time to leave it'll (D)nearly drive us (G)wild

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