Burn Baby Burn Lyrics & Chords

By Mercyme

Verse 1 (Bm)And do we know (D)exactly who we (G)are (Bm)We hold the light but we (D)still listen to the (G)dark And it (Bm)tells us that we don’t (D)measure up (G)And it tells us that we’ll never be enough, tell (Bm)me Do we (D)know exactly who we (G)are Chorus (D)We are the (Em)light, light of the (Bm)world Light up the (G)night when will we (D)learn Now is our (Em)time, now is our (Bm)turn To (G)burn baby burn baby (D)Oh oh oh (Em) (Bm) (G)Burn baby burn baby (D)Oh oh oh (Em) (Bm) (G)Burn baby burn baby Verse 2 And do we know exactly what we have Why don’t we let it shine while we have the chance It’s not so we can earn our place We shine ‘cause we’ve been saved by grace, tell me Do we know exactly what we have Bridge (A)Oh we’re a (Bm)city on a (G)hillside So bright keep on shining (A)Oh (Bm)take that fire from the (G)inside Outside keep on burning

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