Built On The Rock Lyrics

Verse 1 I asked a man about his house If it had been there long He said it's weathered many storms Because I built it strong I asked him what the secret was What price he had to pay I never will forget the words I heard the wise man say Chorus built on the rock strong and secure built on the rock steadfast and sure the strong winds blow and the waves rise high there's water all around but the house is dry this house will stand cause it's built on the rock Verse 2 I thanked him for His words so wise and then I turned to go He called my Name and then He said, there's something you should know, don't ever be so foolish to build your house on sinking sand. If you wanna build a house that you know is gonna stand Bridge Jesus is the Rock of my salvation Yes He is the Rock, my sure foundation His word and His name are my cornerstone And I know my house is strong

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