Bugle Call From Heaven Lyrics & Chords

By The Wilburn Brothers

(C)When that bugle calls from heaven Will you be ready to spend that last (G)retreat When the battle is all over Will you be ready your loved ones to (C)meet When that final roll is called up yonder And the cares of this life are no (F)more Will you be in that (C)great army That lands on that (G)bright and peaceful (C)shore Chorus (C)When the (F)Master up in (C)heaven Looks down from above and says that's (G)all Can (C)you stand that last in(F)spection Can (C)you answer that (G)final bugle (C)call Dear Lord and Savior up in glory Please have mercy on this sinful soul of mine When that bugle calls from heaven Let me be ready to fall into line Hear that call hear that call Seems to me that I can hear the trumpet blow Calling all of our Savior's soldiers To end all this earthly strife below

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