Broken Vessel Lyrics

By The Florida Boys

Verse 1 (F)One day throughout the market place, A (C)potter searched and roamed, He was (Gm)looking for a (C)vessel, To (Gm)purchase (C)for his (F)own. (F)There were many brought before him there All shiny, bright and (B)new But he shook his head and (F)told "No, These (C)vessels will not (F)do. Chorus (F)Bring me (B)broken vessels Shattered pieces (C)made of (F)clay Bring me (C)broken vessels Ones the (Gm)world has (C)thrown (F)away. I will take them in my able hands, And make them over (B)new Bring me (C)broken (F)vessels (D) And (Gm)see what (C)I can (F)do. Verse 2 I once was lost, and scarred by sin, Until I realized, Unless Isought the Master's touch, My soul would not survive. So, I brought my vessel as it was And gave it all to Him; And now I'm bound for Heaven, And my vessel overflows. Tag I will take them in my able hands And make them over new; Just bring me broken vessels And see what I can do.

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