Broken Things Lyrics & Chords

By Matthew West

Verse 1 (F)If grace is a (C)kingdom, I've (F)stopped at the (C)gate Thinking I don't (Am)deserve to pass (G)through after (F)all of the (G)mistakes I've (C)made But I heard a (C)whisper as (F)Heaven bent (C)down Said, “Child, don't you (Am)know that the (G)first will be (F)last and the (G)last get a (C)crown?” Chorus Now (C)I'm just a beggar in the (Dm)presence (F)of a King (Am)I wish I could bring You (C)so much (F)more But if it's (C)true (Dm)You use (F)broken things Then (Am)here I am Lord, (F)I am all (C)Yours Verse 2 The pages of history they tell me it's true That it's never the perfect; it's always the ones with the scars that You use It's the rebels and the prodigals; it's the humble and the weak The misfit heroes You chose tell me there's hope for sinners like me Chorus Now I'm just a beggar in the presence of a King I wish I could bring You so much more But if it's true You use broken things Then here I am Lord, I am all Yours Verse 3 Grace is a kingdom with gates open wide There's seat at the table just waiting for you So, come on inside

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