Broken Hallelujah Lyrics & Chords

By The Afters

(G)I can barely stand right now (Em)Everything is crashing down (D)And I wonder (C)where You (G)are Verse 2 I try to find the words to pray I don't always know what to say But You're the one who can hear my heart Pre-Chorus (C)Even though I don't (D)know what your plan (Em)is I know You're making beauty (D)from these ashes Chorus (G)I've seen joy and I've seen pain (D)On my knees, I call Your name (Em)Here's my broken hallelu(C)jah With (G)nothing left to hold onto I (D)raise these empty hands to You (Em)Here's my broken hallelujah Verse 3 You know the things that have brought me here You know the story of every tear ‘Cause You've been here from the very start Outro When all is (G)taken (D)away Don't let my (G)heart be changed Let me (C)always sing hallelu(G)jah When I (D)feel afraid Don't let my (Em)hope be erased Let me (C)always sing hallelu(G)jah hallelu(D)jah

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