Bring Your Name Lyrics & Chords

By Bob Baker

(C)I will (G)wait in (Am)si(Gsus)lence for (F)you (G)
(C)Each and (G)every (Am)day I (Gsus)watch for (F)you (G)
(Am)I will look to the (F)heavens

For (Am)you're my hope and my (F)portion
(C)I will (Dm)wait in (C)si(F)lence for (C)you

Bring your (Am)kingdom (F)
(C)Heal and re(G)store
Send your (Am)Spirit (F)
And (C)fill us once (G)more<
Maran(Am)atha,(F) (C)come oh (G)Lord
Bring your (C)kingdom (C) (F) (C)

(C)Ho(F)ly, (Gsus)ho(Am)ly, holy (G)is the (Am)Lord (F)

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