Bring It All To Jesus Lyrics & Chords

By The Pruitt Family

Verse 1 (Ab)I heard your having (Cm)trouble And (Db)things are getting (Ab)rough I (Fm)know that times like (Fm)these Can get you (Db)down I (Ab)don't know what you're (Cm)facing And (Db)I don't need to (Ab)know But (Fm)you've got a (Eb)friend who is (Db)around (Fm)I (Bm)may not have all the answers for (Eb)you (Bm)But I know just what you can (Eb)do Chorus (Ab)Bring it all to (Db)Jesus (Bm)Place it (Eb)in His nail scarred (Ab)hand (Eb) (Ab)Bring it all to (Db)Jesus (Bm)He under(Eb)stands I (Fm)know He (Eb)has a (Db)plan (Ab)So (Bm)bring it all (Eb)Give it all to (Ab)Him Verse 2 I know you're feeling lonely And you don't understand Why it always seems Things don't go your way But I'm here to remind you That Jesus really cares He just wants to take it all away He's waiting patiently for you to come in To lay it down and leave it all with Him Chorus So Bring it all to Jesus Place it in His nail scarred hand Bring it all to Jesus He understands And I know He has a plan So bring it all Just give it all to Him Bridge He (Fm)left His home in heav(Eb)en (Db)Just to set us (C)free He (Bm)nailed all our (Abm)problems To a (Db)cross at Calva(Eb)ry

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