Break Dividing Walls Lyrics & Chords

By David Ruis

(G)There is a place of (C)commanding blessing Where (G)brethren in (D)unity dwell (G)A place where (C)anointing oil is flowing Where (G)we (D)live as (G)one. (G)You have called us to (C)be a body You (G)have called us as (D)friends (G)Joined together in the (C)bond of the Spirit (G)Un(D)to the (G)end. (C)Father we join with the (G)prayer of Jesus (C)As you are so (G)let us be one (C)Joined together in (G)unity and purpose (C)All for the love (D)Your Son. We will (G)break dividing walls We will (C)break dividing walls We will (G)break dividing walls in the (D)name of your Son We will (G)break dividing walls We will(C) break dividing walls And (G)we (D)will be (G)one.

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