Brand New World Lyrics

By The Visionaires

We don’t like the way the world is turning Something inside is always yearning, yearning for a Brand New World People everywhere are so confused Leaders don’t know what to do. Oh, how we want a Brand New World. Though we send rockets to the moon and the stars And though we make ships and planes that go very far There’s not a mountain that man hasn’t climbed But a Brand New World he can never find Chorus So if you want a Brand New World you gotta have brand new people And if you want brand new people you gotta have a brand new life, oh oh And if you want a brand new life you gotta have a brand new spirit And if you want a brand new spirit you gotta come to Jesus Christ. Yeah, yeah People have tried everything they could But I wonder if they ever would Find themselves a brand new world. An old man sitting in the bar room door Still can’t find what he’s searching for, Oh how he wants a brand new world. A brand new world begins with me and you But we’ll never find it in the things that we do Jesus promised a world that’s our own And He invites us to come along

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