Box Seat In Heaven Lyrics & Chords

By The Wildwood Valley Boys

(G)She`d talk about Jesus (C) while down on her (G)knees She d read from the bible and make us be(D) lieve (G)She said if you listen and (C) trust in the (G)Lord A box seat in heaven (D) shall be your re-(G)ward Chorus A (C) box seat in heaven on the (G)very first row Reserved for my mother she s up there I (D) know Taking (G)care of God`s children (C) like they were her (G)own May God bless my mother, (D) she has a new (G)home (G)When life s book is opened, and we (C) walk to the (G)stand I know God will smile when He takes mother`s (D) hand And if (G)box seats are offered for (C) life`s final (G)game The first one that`s issued (D) will have mama`s (G)name

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