Bow Thy Head Lyrics & Chords

By P. Kallenger and Webb Pierce

(D)I have heard of a land Where the (G)sun is always (D)shining And I (A)know I can go there some(D)day God has taught us in His word Bow thy (G)head and you'll be heard I will (D)go for his (A)teaching I'll (D)obey Chorus (D)There are (A)many who've taken the (D)wrong way But it's (E)still not too late to (A)go As for (D)me I've made my plan I will (G)see this promised land Bow thy (D)head bow in (A)prayer and follow (D)Me In this land I am told All the streets are paved with gold And you're free free from all your earthly cares There's no evil kings to fear Just one kingdom all can share Jesus died on the cross to make it so

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