A Borrowed Tomb Lyrics & Chords

By The McKameys

Verse 1 They placed my Savior in Joseph’s tomb and saw that the seal was sure, the Pharisees worried that someone would take him, and things would be worse than before, but at the dawning of a new day Mary found the stone rolled away, the angel said he’s not here anymore. Chorus It was a borrowed tomb, that they placed him in that day, a borrowed tomb, because he knew he would not stay, he only needed a place for a little while then, he would arise, the borrowed tomb now is empty, and Jesus is alive. Verse 2 This body I have is borrowed too, I can see signs of decay, but all will be well when I leave an empty shell, when he calls me away, cause at the dawning of a new day my soul will be gone away, I’ll leave an empty tomb of clay. Chorus It’s just a borrowed tomb, that I was place in one day, a borrowed tomb, because of him I will not stay, I only needed a place for a little while then my life on earth will end, this borrowed tomb will be empty, and I will live with him.

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