Born To Die Lyrics

By Ron Hamilton

Verse (C)On the night Christ was born Just (F)before the break of morn, As the (C)stars (G)in the sky were (F)fa(C)ding, O'er the place where He lay, Fell a (F)shadow cold and (Dm)gray Of a (C)cross that would humble a (F)King. Chorus (C)Born to die upon (F)Calv'ry, (F)Jesus suffered my sin to for(G)give; (C)Born to die upon (F)Calv'ry, He was (C)wounded that I might (F)live. Verse Jesus knew when He came He would suffer in shame, He could feel ev'ry pain and sorrow. But He left Paradise, With His blood He paid the price - My redemption to Jesus I owe. Verse From His throne Jesus came, Laid aside Heaven's fame In exchange for the cross of Calv'ry; For my gain suffered loss, For my sin He bore the cross - He was wounded and I was set free. Verse Dearest Lord, evermore May Thy cross I adore As I follow the path to Calv'ry; Of Thy death I partake, My ambition I forsake - All my will I surrender to Thee. Chorus Born to die upon Calv'ry, Jesus suffered my sin to forgive; Born to die upon Calv'ry, He was wounded that I might live.

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