Born In Bethlehem Lyrics & Chords

By Third Day

Verse 1 (D)Baby Jesus, born in a stable (A)Humble Savior’s (D)birth You (Bm)left Your throne in (D)Heaven above To (A)live here on the (D)earth Verse 2 Baby Jesus, lying in a manger Crying for the world The angels told the shepherds Of the good news for us all Chorus Halle(G)lujah, the (D)King is here Given for all (A)men For to(G)day the holy (D)son of God Is (Bm)born in (A)Bethle(D)hem Verse 3 Come now sinners and you saints All peasants and all kings And bow before the earth’s redeemer Let all voices sing Verse 4 Baby Jesus, do You know You'll die for all our sins? Don't be afraid for in three days You will rise again, You will rise again

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