Born Again Lyrics & Chords

By Third Day

(G)Today I found myself After (D)searching all these years And the (Em)man that I saw, he (C)wasn't at all who I (G)thought he'd be I was lost when you found me here And I was (D)broken beyond repair Then (Em)you came along and (C)you sang your song over (G)me Chorus It feels like I'm (G)born again It feels like I'm (D)living For the very (Em)first time For the very (C)first time In my (G)life Make a promise to me now Reassure my heart somehow That the love that I feel is so much more real than anything I've a feeling in my soul And I pray that I'm not wrong That the life I have now, it is only the beginning I wasn't looking for something that was more Than what I had yesterday Then you came to me and you gave to me Life and a love that I've never known That I've never felt before

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