Boat Of Life Lyrics & Chords

By George Jones and Burl Stephens

(D)My friend, is the going rough with (G)troubled seas (D)around To angry when you set your soul and (E)dark clouds on you (A)frown (D)Have you ever looked for bread and (G)only found a (D)stone But it's because you're paddling your (A)boat of life (D)alone. Is the raft you once had charted now both blurred and marred Is you soul and body weary, the task of rowing hard Have you ever looked for joy and disappointment known But it's because you're paddling your boat of life alone. My friend there is one who knows your every fault and sin And he knows your trouble and your whole dear life of sin So why not call on Jesus, He'll help you safely on Oh, my friend, it's foolish to paddle all alone

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