Blessed Redeemer Lyrics & Chords

By Casting Crowns

(Em)Up Calvary’s (G)mountain one dreadful (D)morn Walked Christ my (Am)Savior, weary and (Em)worn (Em)Facing for (G)sinners death on the (D)cross That He might (Am)save them from endless (C)loss Chorus (C)Blessed (G)Redeemer, precious (D)Redeemer Seems now I (Em)see Him on Calvary’s (C)tree (C)Wounded and (G)bleeding, for sinners (D)pleading Blind and (Em)unheeding, dying for (C)me (G) (D) “Father, forgive them, ” my Savior prayed Even while His lifeblood flowed fast away Praying for sinners while in such woe No one but Jesus ever loved so Oh how I love Him, Savior and friend How can my praises ever find end Through years unnumbered on Heaven’s shore My songs shall praise Him forevermore

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