Blessed Be Your Name Lyrics & Chords

By Matt Redman | Tree 63

(G)Blessed (D)be Your name In the (Em)land that is (C)plentiful
Where Your (G)streams of (D)abundance flow (C)blessed be Your name
(G)And blessed (D)be Your name when I'm (Em)found in the (C)desert place
Though I (G)walk through the (D)wilderness (C)blessed be Your name

(G)Every blessing You pour out I'll turn back to praise
When the darkness (D)closes in, Lord (Em)still I will (C)say

(C)Blessed be the (G)name of the (D)Lord Blessed be Your (Em)name (C)
Blessed be the (G)name of the (D)Lord
Blessed be Your (Em)glorious (C)name

(G)Blessed (D)be Your name when the (Em)sun's shining (C)down on me
When the (G)world's all as (D)it should be blessed be Your name
(G)Blessed (D)be Your name on the (Em)road marked with (C)suffering
Though there's (G)pain in the (D)offering (C)blessed be Your name

You (G)give and take (D)away
You (Em)give and take (C)away
My (G)heart will choose to (D)say, Lord
(Em)Blessed be Your (C)name

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