Bless Your Holy Name Again Lyrics & Chords

By Three Bridges | Daryl K. Williams | Chris White Music | BMI

Verse 1 (C)I could (G)ask you for a miracle, You (C)know I (G)stand in (C)need I could (Bm)seek You're (C)hand to (D)move and (C)touch my fami(G)ly (C) (G)But I'll push aside these temporary (C)trails that I (Eb)face Lord, (G)I just (Eb)want to (G)bless You with my praise. (D) Chorus Lord I've (G)come to bless Your holy name (C)again (G) (C)Just once more be(D)fore I (G)say Amen You're my Jesus, my Redeemer, my Savior (E)and my (C)friend Lord, I've (G)come to bless your (D)holy name (G)again. Verse 2 I could never count how many ways You've made my life complete Lord Your mercy is the reason why my spirit sings. Though my words could never fully tell the story of your grace, I just love to rest in Your embrace.

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