Black Sheep Lyrics & Chords

By Johnny Paycheck

(D)My friends all say that I am just a (G)black sheep And (A)that I’m not wanted here (D)below They say that I’m not worthy to be (G)near them Please (A)tell me God where can a black sheep (D)go I never had no one down here to love me You see I’ve never met my mom and dad They went away when I was just a small boy Not many kind friends have I ever had Could (A)You make room in heaven for a (D)black sheep Could you (E)love me and treat me as your (A)own (D)Or will I still be treated like an (G)outcast A (A)black sheep who must always play (D)alone The clothes may not be pretty that I’m wearing But you know that I can’t help the way I look I wonder if you’d search the holy pages And tell me if my name is in Your book

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