Big Enough Lyrics & Chords

By Joseph Habedank

Verse 1 (A)I've got a heart that's full of (F)faith (D#m)filled (C)helplessness (G)There are (Am)mountains ahead that I can't (F)move by my(C)self (G) But I (C)know when (D#m)I'm weak, he's (Em)strong When I can barely (F)breathe there's (C)still a (Em)song Even though it's (D#m)hard right (C)now, I'm (F)not (G)here on my own Chorus So (C)when it seems it (G)can't (Am)be done, (F)I know God is (G)big (C)enough I can (Am)run the race I'm called to run, cause (F)I know God is (G)big (C)enough He'll (Am)finish every(F)thing he starts He'll meet us (C)right here (G)were we are (Am)I can feel faith (F)rising (C)up, I know (D#m)God (C)is (G)big (Am)e(F)nough. (C)oh yeah (G)he's (Am)big (A)enough Verse 2 On the days that the shadows of doubt make me feel small, I declare that I don't stand in my strength at all, oh no, Cause I won't live a day you didn't plan, Every single moment is on your hands Even if the whole world shakes, your the rock on which I stand Bridge He's (Am)bigger then the fear that (C)surrounds me (F) Bigger then the chains that have bound (Em)me Bigger then the story (F)my past can (G)tell, oh (Am)Bigger then the weight of tomorrow. (F) Bigger then the hurt and the (C)sorrow (Em) Bigger then the lies I've (F)told my(C)self..

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