Beyond Me Lyrics & Chords

By Tobymac

(Em)Call it a (D)reason to (G)retreat (C) (Em)I got some (D)dreams that are (G)bigger than (C)me I might be (Em)outmatched, (D)outsized, the underdog (G)in the fight of (C)my life (Em)Is it so (D)crazy to (G)believe (C) Chorus (Em)That You (D)gave me the (G)stars put them (C)out of my reach (Em)Called (D)me to waters a (G)little too (C)deep (Em)Oh, I've (D)never been so (G)aware of my (C)need You keep on making me see It's (C)way beyond me (Em)It's (D)way beyond (C)me (Am) Yeah, it's out of my (Em)league (D)It's way beyond (C)me It's way beyond me It's way (Am)beyond … (Em)Anything (D)that I got the (G)strength to (C)do (Em)In over my (D)head keeps me (G)countin' on (C)You (Em)I'm leaving (D)the sweet (G)spot, sure (C)shot (Em)Tradin' it (D)all for the (G)plans You (C)got (Em)Is it so (D)crazy to be(G)lieve (C) Bridge (C)You take me to the place where I know (D)I need You (Em)Straight to the depths that I (D)can't handle on my own (C)And the Lord I know, I (D)know I need You (Em)So take me to (D)Your great … (Em)Take me to (D)Your (G)great unknown (C)

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