A Better Place To Go Lyrics & Chords

By The Inspirations

(D)Last night I heard them singing over (G)on the peaceful (D)shore, What a time when I can join them over (A)there; I have (D)almost topped the mountain where the (G)Rose of Sharon (D)grows, And I know I have a (E)better (A)place to (D)go Chorus (D)Im so (G)glad that I (D)know when I leave, I have a better place to (A)go; While Im (D)waiting at the crossing, looking (G)back at friends once (D)more, Praise the Lord, I have a (E)better (A)place to (D)go! I remember at an alter, though it's been so long ago, When I gave my heart to Jesus, kneeling there; Oh, how precious is that memrywhen His love came shining thru, And I started to my home beyond the blue In a while Ill meet the reaper who has calle dso many home, Oh how sad to leave my loved ones here below; Whenthey follow to the graveside, Im so glad I let them know, Glory to God, I have a better place to go!

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