Better Is One Day Lyrics & Chords

By Matt Redman

(D)How lovely is Your dwelling place, (G)oh Lord Al(A)mighty
For (D)my soul longs and even faints for (A)You
For (D)here my heart is satisfied, (G)within Your (A)presence
I (D)sing beneath the shadow of Your (A)wings

Better is (G)one day in Your courts
Better is (A)one day in Your house
Better is (G)one day in Your courts
Than thousands (A)elsewhere, than thousands (G)elsewhere

One (D)thing I ask and I would seek, (G)to see Your (A)beauty
To (D)find You in the place Your glory (A)dwells

(Bm)My heart and flesh cry (A)out,(G)
for You the living (A)God(Bm)
Your spirit’s water (A)to my (G)soul(A)
(Bm)I’ve tasted and I’ve (A)seen,(G)
come once again to (A)me.(Bm)
I will draw near to (A)You(G),
I will draw near to (A)You.

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