Beloved Lyrics & Chords

By Jordan Feliz

Verse 1 (Em)Head full of questions, (C)how can you measure up? (G)To deserve affection, (Bm)to ever be enough (Em)For this existence, (C)when did it get so hard? (Em)Your heart is beating, (C)alive and breathing (G)And there´s a reason (Bm)why (Em)You are essential, (C)not accidental (G)And you should rea(Bm)lize Chorus You are be(Em)loved(C) (G)I wanted you to (D)know You are be(Em)loved (C) (G)let it soak into your (D)soul (Em)Forget the lies you heard, (C)rise above the hurt (G)and listen to these (D)words You are be(Em)loved (C) (G)I want you to (D)know You are beloved you are beloved Verse 2 Sometimes a heart can, feel like a heavy weight It pulls you under, and you just fall away Is anybody gonna hear you call? Oh, oh But there´s a purpose, under the surface And you don´t have to drow-wn-wwnn Let me remind you, that love will find you Let it lift you out Bridge (C)Don´t be afraid, don´t let (D)hope fade Keep your eyes (Em)fixed on the light a(G)bove (C)In the heartbreak, in your (D)mistakes Nothing can (Em)separate you from (D)love

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