Before You Call (I Will Answer You) Lyrics & Chords

By Daphne Rademaker

(G)Come to me (D)my people, (Em)come There's no (G)need to be afraid (Am)of your (Dsus)Father(D) (G)When I (D)see you I will (Em)run I will be (Am)there, I (Dsus)will be there(D) Be(G)fore you call, I will (C)answer you While (G)you still speak, I will (C)hear My (Em)ears (D)are (G)turned to the (Am)cry of my (Em)chosen ones (D) (G)In my love you can (C)rest in me (G)For you are my very (Em)own (D) So (C)hold on to the hope (G)you have That I (Am)would draw you to (G)myself For I will (F)never (C)leave (Dsus)you a(D)lone (D)I will not (G)forget (C)you, I (D)gather my lambs (G)in my arms (C) So I will (G)comfort you and (Am)carry you close to my heart (Dsus)

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