Before You Lyrics & Chords

By Randy Butler

(Em)Is there any for(C)giveness (G)for the things I've (D)done Is there a (Em)pardon for (C)sinners, (G)I know that I'm (D)one Be(Em)fore you (C) (G) (D) Be(Em)fore you (C) (G) Would you (Em)take this heart of (C)foulness, (G)make it clean (D)again Would you (Em)pour on me your (C)mercy, as (G)I confess my (D)sin Be(Em)fore you (C) (G) (D) Be(Em)fore you (C) (G) Chorus (C)Point my (G)feet in the (D)way they should (Em)go (C)Place your holy (G)spirit in (D)me (C)Lead me in the (G)ways ever(D)las(Em)ting (C)I long to have a (G)heart that's (D)pure (C)I long to have a (G)heart that's (D)pure Be(Em)fore you (C) (G) (D) Be(Em)fore you (C) (G) Oh Lord for(Em)give me (C) (G) (D) I need your (Em)mercy (C) (G) (D) Oh Lord for(Em)give me (C) (G) (D) I need your (Em)mercy (C) (G) (D)

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