Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem Lyrics & Chords

By R. Fisher Boyce and Adger M. Pace

(C)Oh Beautiful Star of Bethlehem Shining a(F)far through shadows (C)dim Giving the light for those who (D)long have (G)gone Guiding the (C)wise men on their way Unto the (F)place where Jesus (C)lay Oh Beautiful Star of Bethle(D)hem (G)shine (C)on. Chorus (C)Oh Beautiful Star of Bethlehem Shine upon us until the (D)glory (G)dawns. Give us a (C)light to guide the way Unto the (F)land of perfect (C)day Oh Beautiful Star of Bethle(D)hem, (G)shine (C)on Oh Beautiful Star the hope of light Guiding the pilgrims through the night Over the mountains till the break of dawn Into the light of perfect day It will give out a lovely ray Oh Beautiful Star of Bethlehem shine on Oh Beautiful Star the hope of rest For the redeemed the good and blessed Yonder in glory when the crown is won Jesus is now the star divine Brighter and brighter he will shine Oh Beautiful Star of Bethlehem shine on

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