Beautiful Offering Lyrics & Chords

By Big Daddy Weave

Verse 1 Through the (Em)fire, (C)and through the (G)rain, Through the (Em)heartache (C)and deepest (G)pain All my (D)laughter, and all my (Em)tears I (G)give it all to (D)you Every (Em)Trial (C)and greatest (G)gain Every (Em)failure, (C)and darkest (G)stain Every (D)moment through all these (Em)years, I (G)give it (C)all to (D)you, Chorus (C)Take this (G)broken life I (D)bring, Make it a (Em)beautiful (G)offering A (C)beautiful (D)offering (C)All I (G)am laid at your (D)feet Make me a beautiful (G)offering A (C)beautiful (D)offering to You, (G)to (D)You Verse 2 Every season and every step Every heartbeat and every breathe Every battle that brought me here I give it all to you Bridge (C)You have (G)ransomed (Em)all I (D)am And now (C)all I (G)am is (D)Yours (C)You have (G)ransomed (Em)all I (D)am And now (C)all I (G)am is (D)Yours

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