Beautiful Day Lyrics & Chords

By Jamie Grace

(D)Wake up and smile (A)cause it's been awhile (Em)It's been like a whole day since I (G)stopped so You could hold me (D)This child awaits, (A)strong in the faith (Em)Lord you are the refuge (G)that I can't wait to get to (D)'Cause I can't let a day go (A)Can't let a day go (Em)by Without thanking you for the joy (G)that you bring to my life Chorus (D)And ooh there's some(A)thing 'bout the way Your (Em)sun shines on my face It's a (G)love so true, I could never get enough of (D)You This (A)feeling can't be wrong, I'm about to (Em)get my worship on Take me (G)away, It's a beautiful day. When trouble seems to rain on my dreams It's not a big, not a big deal, Let it wash all the bugs off my windshield 'Cause You're showing me in You I'm free And You're still the refuge that I've just got to get to So I won't let a day go Won't let a day go by So put the drop-top down, turn it up, I'm ready to fly And there's something 'bout the way Your love shines on my face Oh no I could never get enough of You This feeling can't be wrong, I'm about to get my worship on I'm gonna sing a brand new song, Yeah I'm about to get my worship on Take me away on this beautiful day yeah yeah yeah It's a beautiful day, yeah yeah yeah Such a beautiful day

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