Be Unto Your Name Lyrics & Chords

By Lynn DeShazo & Gary Sadler

(G)We are a (D)moment, (Am)You are for(Em)ever
(C)Lord of the (G)Ages, (F)God before (D)time
(G)We are a (D)vapor, (Am)You are eter(Em)nal
(C)Love everlas(G)ting, (F)reigning on (D)high

(Em)Holy, (C)holy, (G)Lord God Al(D)mighty
(Em)Worthy (C)is the (G)lamb who was (D)slain
(Em)Highest (C)praises, (G)honor and (D)glory
(Am)Be un(Em)to Your (D)name,
(Am)be un(Em)to Your (D)name

(G)We are the (D)broken, (Am)You are the (Em)healer
(C)Jesus, Re(G)deemer, (F)mighty to (D)save
(G)You are the (D)love song (Am)we'll sing for(Em)ever
(C)Bowing be(G)fore (F)You, blessing Your (D)name

Key change for the second chorus

(F)Holy, (D)holy, (A)Lord God Al(E)mighty
(F)Worthy (D)is the (A)lamb who was (E)slain
(F)Highest (D)praises, (A)honor and (E)glory
(Bm)Be un(F)to Your (E)name,
(Bm)be un(F)to Your (E)name

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