Be One Lyrics & Chords

By Natalie Grant

Verse 1 (G)We don't feel ready (Bm)We don't feel steady (Em)Question what we really have to (C)give (G)Stay where it's safer (Bm)Claim faith, but waiver (Em)Is this how we really meant to (C)live? (G)We pray but never move (Am)We say but never do Chorus (C)It's time to (G)get our hands dirty (Em)Oh (D)Oh (C)Be love there's a (G)whole lot of hurting (Em)Oh, (D)Oh (C)Calling all hearts (G)calling all hands (Em)Calling all feet to (D)take a stand Why sit around and wait for a mira(G)cle to (C)come When we can be (C)one, (G) when we can be (Em)one (D) Verse 2 A little somethin' Might feel like nothin' But in His hands it's all we'll ever need To speak life to the broken Watch the blind eyes open It's who He's calling you and me To be Bridge We can (C)be the change, (D)be the hope We can (C)be the arms that (D)don't let go We can (C)be a light (D)in the dark (C) We are, we are where it starts

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